Pedestrian Safer Journey

Skills for Safe Walking for Ages 5 to 18

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Ages 5-9

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What is Pedestrian Safer Journey?

Pedestrian Safer Journey helps educators, parents and others who care about pedestrian safety to get the conversation started with children and youth. Three videos — one for each of three age groups — accompanied by a quiz or discussion and an educator's resource library can be used as an introduction to pedestrian safety skills or to augment a comprehensive curriculum.

Why do children and youth need skills for safe walking?

Whether walking with adult family members or with friends, learning basic pedestrian safety may help prevent injuries and prepare school-age children and youth for a lifetime of safe walking. As young people become drivers, it may help them be more aware of pedestrians as they navigate their community’s streets. Preventing pedestrian injuries requires a combination of approaches: engineering strategies to improve the physical environment for walking, enforcement strategies to reduce vehicle speeds and increase driver yielding to pedestrians, and safety skills development and education for drivers and pedestrians.