Funding and Evaluating Systemic Safety Improvements for Pedestrians

Mar 05, 2019


Many transportation agencies recognize the value of proactively treating high-risk locations in order to prevent crashes involving pedestrians. While new tools are available to help agencies quantify risk factors and identify locations for systemic safety improvements, questions remain about implementing and evaluating these projects. What types of funding sources can support systemic safety projects, and how can these investments be prioritized and evaluated? This Federal Highway Administration webinar will showcase examples of how agencies have made the case for proactive, risk-based approaches to improving pedestrian safety. After sharing some of the tools available to conduct systemic safety analysis, panelists will provide guidance for using Federal funds to support systemic safety projects and showcase examples of project evaluation. Following the presentations, panelists will be available to answer questions from attendees.

This Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Office of Safety webinar will be delivered by VHB and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center through a contract to provide training and technical assistance to the FHWA-designated Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Focus States and Cities.



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