North Carolina Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Data Tool

Bicycle Crash Data

Each year in NC approximately 1,000 bicyclists are involved in police-reported crashes with motor vehicles. On average, around 20 are killed and an additional 60 are seriously injured. Children and young adults are the most frequent victims.

About the Bicycle Data

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Bicycle Crash Data Tables

View standard crash fact tables based on police-reported crashes or crash type tables developed from PBCAT software. Learn more about the situations and events causing bicycle crashes. View by state, county, or city.

Bicycle Data Query

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NOTE: Injury severity definitions used in crash reporting changed in 2016.
"A: Disabling-type Injury" was changed to "A: Suspected Serious Injury" and "B: Evident Injury" was changed to "B: Suspected Minor Injury." The data query results will show the latter label for all years for consistency. However, these definition changes likely affect the comparisons of Bicyclist Injury, Pedestrian Injury, Driver Injury, and Crash Severity variables across years.