North Carolina Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Data Tool

NOTE: Tables and queries in this tool use data up to the year 2019.
Ped and bike crash full data through the most recent year can be found HERE.
Ped and bike crash data dashboard can be viewed HERE.
Questions regarding the most recent data should be directed to Daniel Carter, NCDOT

Use our online database to learn about these North Carolina police reported bicycle and pedestrian crashes. Information for almost 40,000 bicycle and pedestrian crashes with motor vehicles in North Carolina has been compiled to create an interactive database. You can look for standard data tables for certain years or geographic areas, or create your own using our online query tool. Select bicycle data or pedestrian data below to begin.

NOTE: Injury severity definitions used in crash reporting changed in 2016.
"A: Disabling-type Injury" was changed to "A: Suspected Serious Injury" and "B: Evident Injury" was changed to "B: Suspected Minor Injury." The data query results will show the latter label for all years for consistency. However, these definition changes likely affect the comparisons of Bicyclist Injury, Pedestrian Injury, Driver Injury, and Crash Severity variables across years.