Bicycle Safer Journey

Skills for Safe Bicycling for Ages 5 to 18

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Online Bicycle Safety Resources for Teaching Ages 10-14

Comprehensive, age-appropriate curricula that include an opportunity for students to practice bicycle safety skills show the best results in improving bicycling behavior. Free, downloadable curricula and lesson plans that could be used to complement Bicycle Safer Journey are listed here.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Bicycle safety curriculum for grades 6-12. This curriculum aligns with the National Standards for K-12 Physical Education and includes lessons and assessments for the skills and knowledge students need to enjoy a lifetime of safe bicycling. Supplemental materials include a parent guide to reinforce the curriculum.

BikeSafe® Physical Education Curriculum for Grades 6th to 8th
University of Miami

The University of Miami BikeSafe evidenced based curriculum contains four off-bike lessons to teach bicycle safety skills to middle school-aged children through interactive simulations, modeling, and creative activities. Supplementary materials include student worksheets and parent tip sheets. An optional on-bike lesson plan is provided with instructions to organize a bike rodeo and/or bike to school day ride. For more information about the BikeSafe program, visit

Iowa Kids on the Move
Iowa Bicycle Coalition

Pedestrian and bicycle safety curriculum for children in grades K-6. Lessons 14 – 16 are for children in grades 4-6 and address bike fit, helmet fit and safety, dressing for safety, bike check and rules of the road, including on-bike activities. Supplemental materials include permission slips for on-bike activities, and a skills checklist.

Safe Routes for Kids Bicycle Safety Program
Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Bicycle safety curriculum for children in grades 4-7 designed to teach traffic rules and regulations, the potential hazards to traveling and handling skills. Includes both in-class and on-bike lessons and supplemental materials such as handouts and worksheets.

Safe Routes to School Bike & Pedestrian Safety Education Program
Bicycle Alliance of WA, Feet First

Eight-lesson pedestrian and bicycle safety curriculum for children in grades 5-8. Lessons 4-7 address bicycle clothing and equipment, bike handling instruction and practice, and beginning and advanced traffic skills practice. On-bike lessons provide details on pre-lesson preparation and diagrams to depict on-bike skills activities.

WalkSmart / BikeSmart Vermont!
Center for Health and Learning

Pedestrian safety curriculum for children in grades K-2, and bicycle safety curriculum for children in grades 2-6. Bicycle safety lessons begin on page 35 and address helmet safety, dressing for safety, bike quick check, and rules of the road. Supplemental materials include activity sheets and handouts, pre and post assessment tests, a letter for parents/guardians and a certificate of participation.

For more bicycle safety information and materials, see the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Bicycles web page at, or visit the Federal Highway Administration web site at