The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) offers webinars on a variety of topics related to pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Upcoming and Recent PBIC Webinars:

11/30/2016 – Improving Pedestrian Safety at Uncontrolled Locations
Presented by: Charlie Zegeer, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Angela Berry, Charlotte Department of Transportation.

11/14/2016 – Improving Multimodal Outcomes through Performance Measurement and Design Flexibility
Presented by: Dan Goodman, FHWA; Carl Sundstrom, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Conor Semler, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.; and Michelle Danila, Toole Design Group.

07/26/2016 – Pursuing Equity in Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning
Presented by: Shari Schaftlein, FHWA; Joyce Newland, FHWA Indiana Division; Emily Sinkhorn, Natural Resources Services; Cara Ferrentino & Carniesha Kwashie, City of Philadelphia.

06/07/2016 & 06/14/2016 – Separated Bike Lanes Webinar Series
Presented by: Carl Sundstrom, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Ben Rosenblatt, Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants; Jack Nata, City of Newark, NJ; and Mike Amsden, City of Chicago.

05/18/2016 – Walk Friendly Communities: Inspiring and Celebrating Your City's Vision for Walkable Streets
Presented by: Carl Sundstrom, Kristen Brookshire, and Dan Gelinne, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Dirk Gowin and John (Rolf) Eisinger, City of Louisville; and David Harrison, City of Charlotte.

03/24/2016 – What the U.S. can learn from international efforts to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety
Presented by: Hana Maier, Federal Highway Administration; Libby Thomas, UNC Highway Safety Research Center, and Conor Semler, Kittelson and Associates.

Countermeasure Strategies for Pedestrian Safety Webinar Series
This 12-part series will provide participants with an in-depth exploration of some of the countermeasures and design strategies that can be implemented to improve pedestrian safety. Sessions will be delivered between October 2015 and January 2016.

PBIC Webinar Series:

We also currently offer webinars in the following series:

Livable Communities Webinar Series

This ongoing webinar series is designed to encourage safe walking and bicycling as a viable means of transportation and physical activity.
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FHWA Pedestrian Focus Webinar Series

This series of quarterly webinars is part of the FHWA Office of Safety's initiative to reduce deaths and injuries by focusing resources in areas with the highest numbers and/or rates of pedestrian fatalities.
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Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Webinar Series

This seven-part webinar series is designed to help communities know where to begin to address pedestrian safety issues when developing a pedestrian safety action plan tailored to their community.
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AASHTO Bike Guide Series

This seven-part series provides complete training on all updates to the updated AASHTO Bike Guide.
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APHA Series

PBIC has teamed up with the American Public Health Association to offer this three-part series that discusses the intersection between public health and active transportation.
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Designing for Pedestrian Safety Webinars

This eight-part Webinar series is intended to help communities address pedestrian safety issues through design and engineering solutions.
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Easter Seals Webinar series

Part of Easter Seals Project Action's Promising Practices and Solutions in Accessible Transportation Series, co-presented by PBIC.
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Additional Webinars

In addition to the PBIC-sponsored webinars, several other organizations offer webinars on topics related to bicycling, walking, and livable communities.

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