Separated Bike Lanes on Higher Speed Roadways

May 25, 2023

A growing body of evidence in the United States and internationally demonstrates that separated bike lanes can reduce crashes involving people bicycling in a wide range of contexts. Despite their importance and potential for safety improvement in higher speed contexts (speed limits 35 miles per hour or higher), installations of separated bicycle lanes in the U.S. have so far occurred largely in lower speed environments.

This webinar will share findings from a recently completed study that established new crash modification factors (CMFs) for separated bike lanes and showcase a forthcoming Federal Highway Administration toolkit that includes information, references, policies, processes, and other resources and procedures that can help agencies overcome challenges associated with implementing separated bicycle lanes on higher speed roads. This toolkit synthesizes existing research on separated bicycle lanes, potential benefits and obstacles, and existing design and planning guidance. Panelists will share key obstacles, considerations, and experiences informed by practitioners who have designed, implemented, and maintained separated bike lanes on higher speed roadways.



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