Detailed Field Research Findings from the FHWA Crosswalk Marking Selection Guide

Feb 17, 2022


This webinar will dive deeper into the original research conducted for forthcoming Crosswalk Marking Selection Guide to be published by the Federal Highway Administration. The guide provides crosswalk marking recommendations for agencies. Topics include existing safety research and guidance, materials, maintenance, cost, and overall effectiveness. Kittelson & Associates, Inc. and HSRC conducted original research evaluating whether basic versus HVC markings affect yielding rates at crosswalks by measuring and comparing driver yielding rates at sites with HVCs and sites with basic markings. The results informed guide recommendations and provided evidence for yielding effects of high-visibility crosswalk markings.

This webinar is the second episode in a two-part series about the FHWA Crosswalk Marking Selection Guide. Details about part 1 can be found at



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