Getting to Smart Growth II: 100 More Policies for Implementation

Source: International City/County Management Association

"Getting to Smart Growth II picks up where the first volume left off.
Like its predecessor, this volume shows that a wide variety of smart growth tools, policies, and approaches are available to create more livable communities...Volumes I and II offer a menu of options that can be mixed andmatched to fit local circumstances, local visions, and local values.

"There are some key differences between the two volumes. First and foremost, Getting to Smart Growth II presents all new policies. And, while it contains many actions for the public sector, it expands on [the author's] previous effort by also highlighting steps that the private sector can take to promote more livable communities. This volume is also more specific than the first. It discusses individual programs (occasionally specific applications of broader ideas presented in the previous work) and emphasizes case studies to show where the various policies, programs, and projects have been successfully implemented. In a few cases you will find policies that are totally new and await their first application. Finally, in addition to "Practice Tips," we have included "Finance Tips" that illustrate important financial aspects of getting smart growth projects on the ground."

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