Historic Neighborhood Schools in the Age of Sprawl: Why Johnny Can't Walk to School

Source: National Trust for Historic Preservation

"With unprecedented amounts of public money about to flow into school construction programs as a result of pending legislation and recent court orders in such states as Ohio and New Jersey, it's time to reexamine public policies that affect the neighborhoods in which schools function and the ability of communities to save still serviceable, landmark schools - as schools. This report does exactly that. It is a part of a larger initiative, which includes the National Trust's publication of A Community Guide to Saving Older Schools (June 2000); a school appraisal guide to help school officials evaluate the merits of renovating older schools' a future web site on historic school preservation; and a compilation of case studies on successful school renovations. This overall effort is being led by Robert Nieweg, director of the National Trust's Southern Field Office."

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