Traffic Calming Do's and Don'ts to Encourage Bicycling

Source: Institute of Transportation Engineers

"Traflic calming is the term applied to a variety of physical measures intended to reduce the dominance of automobile and truck traffic in utban areas. Tratlic calming measures can be applied as spot improvements to treat an existing problem such as speeding, or along a corridor to create a bicycle-preferential street, often called a bicycle boulevard. Trafiic calming does not attempt to ban the automobile, but primarily to reduce the speed of automobile traffic. In some applications, traffic calming measures are employed to reduce the volume of "through" or non-neighborhood traffic on certain streets. Aiming for one of these goals usually has the desirable side effect of achieving the second goal as well as discouraging (but not preventing) the use of the automobile altogether. This report discusses the role of the bicycle boulevard in a community."

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