Seventh Avenue Traffic Calming

Naples, Florida
Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)


Cut-through traffic and speeding was a problem in this coastal residential community.


Median island and intersection roundabouts were installed on 7th Avenue.

Naples is a relatively affluent coastal residential community one mile wide that stretches 7 miles along the beach in Florida. Seventh Avenue is an east-west residential street that historically had problems with high traffic volumes and speeding due to beach-bound auto travelers cutting through residential neighborhoods at excessive speeds. Before the improvements, 7th Avenue had approximately 8,000 vehicles per day, with average speeds of approximately 33 miles per hour.


The residents of 7th Ave. circulated petitions and hold public hearings to initiate the process of changing conditions on their street. After the neighborhood residents had decided that action must be taken, they approached the City for assistance. The City conducted a study of the traffic conditions of the street and presented the information to the residents along with potential traffic calming alternatives. The City also determined that the traffic calming treatments would not only slow down through traffic, but residential traffic as well. After presenting the neighborhood residents with information and alternatives, the neighborhood chose what types of improvements would be installed.

Intersection roundabouts slow traffic on 7th Avenue.

A number of different treatments were implemented along 7th Ave. Three medians were added to narrow the one mile street and reduced its perceived design speed. A median was added at the street's entrance along with brick pavers to narrow the street and indicate to drivers that they were entering a residential neighborhood. Some intersection roundabouts were installed along the street. Another intersection was raised 3 ft into a speed table and was enhanced by brick paving. Intensive landscaping was also added to make the street appear narrower and more aesthetically pleasing.


After the implementation of the improvements, the area experienced an initial drop in traffic volume although volumes initially returned to pre-improvement levels. However, by 2009, traffic volume had fallen from around 8,000 vehicles per day pre-improvement to the current average of around 5,000 vehicles per day. Traffic speeds dropped by 11 miles per hour to an average of 22 miles per hour. Despite the drop in average vehicle speeds, the community's reaction was mixed about the traffic calming treatments. Residents of the neighborhoods were very pleased with them, but motorists, particularly those driving service vehicles destined for the many expensive residences that are located in the area, found the improvements burdensome.


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