Urban Intersection Improvements for Pedestrian Safety

Vol. III. Signal Timing for the Pedestrian
Source: Federal Highway Administration

Specifically, the elements covered in this volume include the following:

  • Chapter II - Timing for a Combined Pedestrian-Vehicular Interval. This includes discussions of minimum WALK time, minimum clearance interval, and allocation of excess pedestrian time.
  • Chapter III - Alternative Phasing Schemes. This includes an analysis of early and late release of pedestrians with respect to vehicles, scramble pedestrian timing, and signal chasing for the partial crossing of wide, channelized streets.
  • Chapter IV - Other Areas of Pedestrian Signal Research, including time-of-day adjustments of pedestrian signal timing, application of correction factors to the Highway Capacity Manual based on vehicle and pedestrian activiey levels, and general observation on pedestrian flow characteristics.

Other Volumes in this series include:
Volume I - Executive Summary
Volume II - Identification of Safety and Operational Problems at Intersections
Volume IV - Pedestrian Signal Displays and Operation
Volume V - Evaluation of Alternatives to Full Signalization at Pedestrian Crossings

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