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The following are archived presentations provided by Active Living by Design. Included in each description is a link directly to the presentation's location.

New Public Health Paradigm: Active Living by Rich Killingsworth, MPH, Director, Active Living by Design.
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We Are Where We Live: The Role of Place in Public Health by Rich Killingsworth, MPH, Director, Active Living by Design.
This presentation was the Max Abramovitz Distinguished Lecture in conjunction with 6th Annual Planning Institute given at the University of Illinois on March 3, 2005. The presentation provides an exciting perspective on the relationship between our environment and health and the role of place.
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ALbD Research Presentation
This presentation ties together most of the current research supporting active living environments. The built, natural, and social influences are considered how the environment has an impact on health and physical activity.
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Active Living at Health Canada by Rich Killingsworth, MPH, Director, Active Living by Design
This presentation was given at Health Canada in February 2004. The presentation provides a general overview of the relationships between the built environment, transportation, and physical activity and will outline the Active Living movement in the United States. Specific attention will be directed toward the Active Living by Design national program and the other physical activity efforts. Understanding how these factors affect decisions to be active will provide more information to effectively promote the emerging Active Living movement and how city planners, urban designers, and transportation engineers can cultivate places to accommodate healthy behaviors such as walking and bicycling.
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Designing Community Infrastructure for Active Living
by Phil Bors, MPH, Project Officer, Active Living by Design and Sarah Levin Martin, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
This presentation was given at the Mid America Tails & Greenway Conference on September 23, 2003.
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