Cool Pedestrian Environments


This website is a resource for pedestrian planning, design, and safety documents, and includes web links to other resources. The site also presents a summary of Fehr & Peers' approach and qualifications for pedestrian planning and research. The blog portion of the site will provide up-to-date discussions of our current projects and internal "hot topic" discussions. We hope you will bookmark this site, visit often, and join our blog discussions.

At some point during every trip, and on most days, we are all pedestrians. Walking is the universal mode of transport, available to persons of all ages and income levels and in every geographic setting: large, small, urban, suburban, and rural. Though it is the most basic mode, providing for pedestrian safety and mobility is a complex task that spans disciplines from planning to engineering to public health to law enforcement, just to name a few. But with excellent pedestrian planning comes the potential for community enhancements that can be achieved with few other tools: better air quality; reduced asthma, heart disease, and obesity; economic vitality; increased transit ridership; and reduced crime.

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