Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan: Recommendations for Research and Product Development

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Pedestrian fatalities continue to be a major highway safety problem in the U.S., with pedestrians accounting for approximately 12 percent of all traffic-related deaths. This Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan: Recommendations for Research and Product Development is based on a comprehensive analysis of pedestrian crash data trends and factors, a detailed review of more than 200 reports and publications on pedestrian safety, and input from more than 25 expert stakeholder members. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) led the development of the Strategic Plan to address these safety concerns and equip professionals with knowledge, resources, and information needed to identify problems and implement solutions related to the roadway environment.

The Strategic Plan identified 28 new research topics to address four primary categories of research needs: problem identification and data collection, analysis and decision making, innovative research and evaluation, and technology transfer. Detailed research problem statements were developed for each of the 28 proposed research topics, including the research goals, background, and schedule. The Strategic Plan also recommends updates to existing FHWA technology transfer tools and resources based on an evaluation by potential end-users. Dissemination activities identified by the Strategic Plan include event marketing, successful practices guides, in-person and web-based training, and software development. Recommended innovative strategies for distributing information include convening interactive webinars, developing a video-share website, and utilizing 3D visualization tools. Recommendations are made for Strategic Plan implementation, while keeping in mind the importance of interagency collaboration. Potential barriers to successful plan implementation are identified along with possible solutions. A recommended timeline for activities is also included, which covers a 15-year period. Strategies for plan review, evaluation, and updates are also included which ensures that the Strategic Plan will be a flexible, living document. Recommendations for research and product development are intended to be addressed through a collaborative approach between various agencies and offices. A cooperative effort is suggested to address the variety of crash problems discussed in the Strategic Plan.

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