Suitability Study for a Bicycle Sharing Program in Sacramento, California

Source: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This report presents the findings of a study of local conditions in Sacramento and how they might support a bicycle sharing program in the near future. While past studies have had to rely on observations from European systems, this project makes use of recently-released data from the "Nice Ride" program in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through the evaluation of actual experiences from this program, the factors that influence bike-share ridership in a U.S. city can be more fully understood and used to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Identify the most suitable locations for a bicycle sharing program in Sacramento
  • Recommend a program service area based on these findings
  • Estimate the number of bike-share rentals that can be expected within this service area

Through these tasks, this study offers a thorough understanding of how a bicycle sharing program might look and operate within the Sacramento context. The results of this analysis, as summarized in the sections that follow, will allow local planners and officials to make wellinformed decisions as they consider investing in a bicycle sharing program to enhance the sustainability and quality of life of their city.

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