Cycling Infrastructure

Selected Case Studies
Source: Austroads

This report contains 29 case studies showcasing innovative Australian and New Zealand urban and regional bicycle infrastructure.

The design of the built environment to support active transport is an emerging discipline. Urban planners, designers as well as traffic and transport engineers are implementing a range of innovative infrastructure treatments with the aim of encouraging more people to use active transport modes. In the absence of local precedents, many treatments adapt designs from overseas examples and trial new intersection, signage and pavement surface treatments in addition to experimenting with shared environments.

'Non-standard' Infrastructure treatments were sought which were not detailed in Austroads Guides. The case studies were compiled with the intention of forming part of a set of design resources on the Australian Bicycle Council website.

The case studies project directly relates to priority six (guidance and best practice) of the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16 and aims to illustrate what is possible in terms of bicycle infrastructure and provide inspiration to planners and practitioners.

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