Case Studies in Delivering Safe, Comfortable and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks (Volume II)

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), UNC Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC)

In December 2015, FHWA published Case Studies in Delivering Safe, Comfortable, and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks. The report provided an overview of pedestrian and bicycle network principles and highlights examples from communities across the country that are using a variety of methods to enhance and promote networks.

Since that report was published, FHWA has continued to identify examples of network-enhancing projects. A data collection effort in early 2016 identified 93 new examples of projects from around the U.S. This report summarizes these projects and shares them with the public to provide inspiration to agencies interested in making improvements to their pedestrian and bicycle networks. The report also provides a detailed breakdown of the types of projects that can be completed to improve network connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists. Within each project type, there are several examples from locations across the country.

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