Pinellas County MPO Bike Share Feasibility Study

Source: Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The typical bike share program consists of a fleet of publicly accessible bicycles typically used for short
trips in urbanized areas, and often in combination with transit, which distinguishes this from traditional
rental bicycles. The Pinellas County MPO has commissioned this study to better understand the
characteristics that make those systems successful and to determine if bike sharing is feasible at a
countywide-level along the west-central coast of Florida. To assist in the development of the study, the
MPO's Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) established a subcommittee of knowledgeable
and interested members who have dedicated their time and attention to this topic. Over the last
several months, the bike share subcommittee has met to review all aspects of bike sharing programs
including; the elements of a bike sharing system, various business models, potential funding sources and
financing options, regional characteristics that support bike share, and local land development controls
that are needed to regulate bike share systems

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