Non-government Funding

Source: Pedestrian Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)

Businesses and non-profits often award grants or serve as partners for projects and programs that support walking and biking. Non-government entities may be interested in supporting active communities for a variety of complementary reasons, including: improving health outcomes, promoting conservation efforts, stimulating economic development, providing recreational opportunities, or improving equity through transportation options. Increasingly, employers are recognizing that creating places to bike and walk is one way to build community and attract a quality work force.

Examples of Non-Goverment Funding Sources Include:

  1. The League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Walking and Biking have formed a partnership called Advocacy Advance, which provides Capacity Building and Rapid Response Grants to local groups. In 2012, they were able to award $60,000 to organizations that are a member of the League and Alliance.
  2. REI, the outdoor gear store, has non-profit partnerships and grants with conservation associations and trail building groups.
  3. People for Bikes, a non-profit that promotes bicycling, has the Green Lane Project. Cities apply to become "focus cities" that receive technical, financial, and strategic resources to catalyze the installation of protected bike lanes.
  4. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation invests in grantees (e.g., public agencies, universities, and public charities) that are working to improve the health of all Americans. Current or past projects in the topic area "walking and biking" include greenway plans, trail projects, advocacy initiatives, and policy development.

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