International Reports

Source: Pedestrian Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)

International Reports

Child Pedestrian Safety: 'Driveway Deaths' and 'Low-Speed Vehicle Run-Overs, Australia, 2001-10
Statistical report on child pedestrian crashes in Australia
Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport, 2012

Cycling, Safety and Sharing the Road: Qualitative Research with Cyclists and Other Road Users
Comprehensive report on cycling in the UK
UK Department for Transport, 2010

Cycling Accident Statistics: Background Information to the Common Policy Strategy for Safe Cycling
Comprehensive report on bicycle crashes in Sweden (in Swedish, with English Summary)
VTI: The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, 2013

Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012
Data on pedestrian safety by EU member country
European Commission, 2012

Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012
Data on cyclist safety by EU member country
European Commission, 2012

Walkability and Pedestrian Facilities in Asian Cities: State and Issues
Status report on pedestrian facilities in Asian cities
Asian Development Bank, 2011

Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013
Progress report for UN decade of safety, including section on bike and ped policy
WHO, 2013

Injured Cyclist Profile: An In-Depth Study of a Sample of Cyclists Injured in Road Crashes in South Australia
This project explores the circumstances surrounding crash involvement for a group of bicycle riders involved in a collision with a motorised vehicle between January 1 2008 and December 31 2010.
Centre for Automotive Safety Research, 2013

Pedestrian Safety
This report discusses the magnitude of pedestrian deaths and injuries, key risk factors, and how to assess an area's pedestrian safety situation.
Global Road Safety Partnership, 2013

Pedestrians and Cyclists on Major Roads
This report reviews possible pedestrian and bicycle solutions along roads with speeds between 70 and 90 kilometers per hour.
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), 2013

Cycling in the Netherlands
Cycling accounts for 27 percent of all trips in the Netherlands; a comprehensive report (in English) on cycling in the Netherlands is now available.
Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, 2009

National Scan of Actions to Address the Relationship between Built Environments, Physical Activity and Obesity
This report reviews recent literature on health and the built environment, and discusses various related organizations and the resources they offer.
Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC), Public Health Agency of Canada, 2006

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