Defining Connected Bike Networks

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) and PeopleForBikes

To accommodate the varying age and abilities of all users, a connected bike network should offer bicyclists multiple, safe routes and support comfortable and efficient everyday travel. This is the ideal in connectivity and comfort for all users, yet seldom experienced in the U.S. where street-by-street improvements often lead to abrupt bicycle facility endings. This seems to be shifting, however, as some of the country’s leading cities on bike infrastructure are taking efforts to link individual projects into complete, connected multimodal networks. Defining Connected Bike Networks, an info brief from PBIC and PeopleForBikes, surveys the impact of connected bike networks and common measurement approaches, and explores strategies to accelerate progress. The brief also reviews two tools currently under development from PlacesForBikes and the Federal Highway Administration to help communities measure connectivity and progress.

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