NCHRP Research Report 932: A Research Roadmap for Transportation and Public Health

Source: Transportation Research Board

New opportunities are developing within transportation agencies to better integrate health considerations into transportation processes. With these opportunities come important needs for research, data, and decision-making tools that align transportation goals with improved health outcomes.

A Research Roadmap for Transportation and Public Health (NCHRP Project 20-112, Research Report 932):

  • Builds upon resources, guidance documents, and strategic plans on the topic of transportation and public health,
  • Outlines more than 130 research and data gaps,
  • Highlights more than 40 critical research priority areas,
  • Identifies Research Problem Statements, and
  • Provides communication and implementation tools to help bring needed research topics to key research sponsors.

Supporting materials:

  • The Final technical report provides more depth regarding existing literature and research on the topic of health and transportation, as well as agency practices and perspectives of those interviewed for the project, and a general rationale for the research priorities identified in the Roadmap. It also summarizes the project methods.
  • A database of resources supports the Research Roadmap and provides references tagged by sub-topics related to planning, policy making, case studies, and many others.
  • The Research Roadmap was presented at the TRB Conference on Health and Active Travel and provides more information on the project, project activities, findings, and more.
  • Advancing research in transportation and public health: A selection of twenty project ideas from a U.S. research roadmap (Dannenberg, Rodriguez, & Sandt, 2021) builds on advancing research in transportation and public health by highlighting 20 priority research needs from the NCHRP Research Roadmap for Transportation and Public Health and covers a variety of issues including equity, active travel, public transit, metrics, new technologies, and pandemic impacts. Faculty and students may use identified topics to guide future research.

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