Toward a Shared Understanding of Pedestrian Safety: An Exploration of Context, Patterns, and Impacts

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)

Provides context on pedestrian safety issues, crash patterns and contributing factors, and resulting impacts that may help orient readers from diverse sectors—including advocates, roadway owners and operators, legislators and law makers, real estate developers, businesses and private industries, public health practitioners, researchers, educators, enforcement officers, and others—to identify shared concerns and opportunities to make a difference. It also includes a focus on background and context on what makes pedestrians unsafe and what safety risks, patterns, and gaps in knowledge have been identified to date, to support a more shared understanding of the nature of the problem needing to be addressed.

This document was developed to support the USDOT Summit on Pedestrian Safety: Virtual Series and is not intended to provide policy or infrastructure recommendations but does provide a summary of key references and additional resources.

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