Cycling for Sustainable Cities

Source: Ralph Buehler and John Pucher; MIT Press

In addition to its up-to-date analysis of cycling trends and policies, this book provides practical lessons for making cycling safe, practical, and convenient for almost everyone and for most trip purposes. The 21 book chapters feature contributions by authors from around the world who are experts in both cycling and their respective professional fields of urban planning, public policy, public health, transportation, and engineering. Following the introduction, chapters 2-15 explore topics such as the health benefits of cycling; cycling safety; cycling facilities, programs, and project evaluation; the special cycling needs and preferences of women, children, and older adults; and social justice in cycling decision-making, policies, and infrastructure. Chapters 15-19 examine these same topics in the context of specific countries and cities in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia. Chapter 20 explores the importance of cycling advocacy. Finally, Chapter 21 proposes specific strategies for policy implementation and summarizes the main lessons for increasing cycling and making it safer and more convenient for daily travel.

Find more details on the MIT Press website for the book, which includes a full table of contents.

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