Shifting streets COVID-19 mobility data: Findings from a global dataset and a research agenda for transport planning and policy

Source: Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Last year, as the world started to adjust to the need for physical distancing during COVID-19, researchers launched an interactive, global crowd-sourcing effort to document how cities around the world were responding to changing mobility demands brought on by the pandemic. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) Shifting Streets dataset contains over 1,300 entries documented from more than 500 locations. In a new, open access journal paper in Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, researchers Tab Combs and Carlos Pardo share preliminary observations of these actions, such as reallocation of traffic lanes, partial street closures, automation of walk signals, and other measures to accommodate walking and biking. The paper serves as a roadmap for others to use and build from the data. The paper also includes insights for transportation planning and policy, and for establishing an agenda for future research.

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