Graduate Level Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Course

Description: Integration of pedestrian and bicycle planning into transportation planning is essential in creating sustainable, livable communities. This interdisciplinary course has been developed to explore the core concepts of pedestrian and bicycle planning and strategies related to creating effective and comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plans and programs. Students taking this course will recognize the legitimacy of the bicycle and pedestrian modes; understand how policies, planning, and the built environment can be improved to create a more balanced transportation system; and become familiar with basic policies, practices, tools, and design principles that can be used to create bicycle and pedestrian-friendly communities. The course materials can easily be modified by instructors to fit the needs of the students or the academic program.

Target Audience: Graduate students in transportation planning. Related fields such as engineering, public health, policy and administration, architecture/design, and environmental sciences and management may also be interested in some of the materials, as well as advanced undergraduate students.

Length: The course is designed so that the curriculum fills a 3-credit hour semester. There are 19 lectures plus time in the syllabus dedicated for interactive activities such as a wheelchair lab, data collection, student presentations, and panel discussions.

Contact: For technical information, contact the course Principle Investigator, Laura Sandt, at 919-962-2358, or

Materials: A sample Course Syllabus and Reading List, developed and used in 2011 are available to anyone. For the 2009 course, an Executive Summary and a one-page Course Flyer are available. In addition, course instructors may access both 2009 and 2011 course assignments, grading keys, lab activities, and lecture materials (slides with speaker notes) upon registration. You must register to access these materials. Students need written permission from a course instructor to receive the materials.