Improving Safety with Bicyclist and Pedestrian Road Safety Audits

Jan 06, 2021


Pedestrian and bicyclist road safety audits (RSAs) are valuable tools that can be used by transportation agencies to formally evaluate roadway conditions and better understand factors influencing road user safety and comfort. Performing audits of field conditions can provide real-world perspectives and valuable contextual information to those charged with developing and implementing safety countermeasures for vulnerable road users. RSAs can be used in any phase of project development from planning and preliminary engineering, design and construction.

During this webinar, panelists from VHB and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center will share new guidance from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Pedestrian and Bicyclist Road Safety Audit Guide and Prompt List, demonstrating how this new resource can be used to plan and conduct RSAs. Representatives from Caltrans and the City of Albuquerque will share their experiences using RSAs to investigate sites and develop safety improvements.

This webinar will be delivered by VHB and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center through a contract to provide training and technical assistance to the FHWA-designated Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Focus States and Cities.



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