Walkability for Older Pedestrians: Using a Free NHTSA Workshop that Gets Results

Feb 07, 2012


Many communities are seeking a foothold to build interest in improving walkability or pedestrian safety. This often includes planning for an aging population and the growing desire to “age in place.” The NHTSA Pedestrian Safety Workshop: A Focus on Older Adults increases both older pedestrians’ safety knowledge and stakeholders’ intentions to take actions to improve their community’s walkability.

Nancy Pullen-Seufert and Seth LaJeunesse, both of the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, describe the workshop, results of its use by eleven demonstration sites and how webinar participants can use the free web-based instructor training and downloadable materials to teach the workshop. Representatives from two of the demonstration sites, Rhianna Babka with California WALKS and Susan Sutherland with the Delaware General Health District, discuss how they planned and taught the workshops multiple times and the results they have seen in their communities. Presentations will include practical advice for prospective users of the workshop instructor training and materials.

The NHTSA Pedestrian Safety Workshop: A Focus on Older Adults is designed to engage a variety of community stakeholders, including older adults and other community members, transportation planners and engineers, public health professionals, law enforcement officers, senior center staff, elected officials, business owners, and others toward addressing the pedestrian safety issues that older adults face with the ultimate goal of preventing pedestrian injuries and deaths. The workshop, instructor training and materials were developed by the UNC Highway Safety Research Center for NHTSA.



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