Improving Multimodal Outcomes through Performance Measurement and Design Flexibility

Nov 14, 2016


Agencies across the country are increasingly focused on developing comprehensive transportation networks for bicycling and walking. Examples of these efforts are well-documented in recent publications like the Bike Network Mapping Idea Book and compilations of network-enhancing projects.

FHWA recently released two guides intended to support the development of safe, comfortable and connected networks for bicycling and walking. The Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures identifies opportunities to establish and track various metrics to inform pedestrian and bicycle planning activities. Achieving Multimodal Networks: Applying Design Flexibility and Reducing Conflicts demonstrates how agencies can tailor their design approaches to implement their plans and develop transportation networks that work for all road users. Together, these resources can serve as powerful tools for agencies who want to prioritize and deliver multimodal networks.

This webinar provided attendees with a close look at each of these resources, focusing on linkages between them and discussing how agencies can build their recommendations into current planning and design activities. Panelists representing FHWA with project team members from the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, Toole Design Group, and Kittelson and Associates, Inc., shared recommendations and details from these guides.



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