Statewide Complete Streets: How states are working with communities for friendlier roads

Apr 10, 2014


Across the nation, interest is growing in creating streets that accommodate all road users and not just motorists. As part of this effort, more than 610 regional and local jurisdictions and 27 states have adopted Complete Streets policies or made a written commitment to do so.

This webinar will explore some of the challenges states are facing, particularly in urban areas, in implementing those policies and some of the strategies they have used to overcome those issues.

Stefanie Seskin, Deputy Director for the National Complete Streets Coalition, will provide an overview of some of the challenges cities and states face when trying to build complete streets and how the agencies can work together, while representatives from North Carolina, Washington State and Minnesota will discuss how they effectively worked to roll out their Complete Streets efforts, such as statewide training sessions and main street programs.



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