What the U.S. can learn from international efforts to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety

Mar 24, 2016


Countries around the globe are employing new and innovative techniques to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access. This webinar will review designs and operational measures, and performance and prioritization practices that are helping countries in Europe and elsewhere provide safer and better-connected bicycle and pedestrian networks.

Presenters Hana Maier, Federal Highway Administration; Libby Thomas, with the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, and Conor Semler, with Kittelson and Assoc., Inc., will focus on noteworthy practices that could be employed or tried in the U.S. to improve bicycle and pedestrian network safety, comfort, and connectivity.

This webinar is based on the recently released FHWA report "Delivering Safe, Comfortable, and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks: A Review of International Practices." To access that report, go to: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/bicycle_pedestrian/publications/global_benchmarking/index.cfm.



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