Improving Intersection Safety for All Road Users

Jul 26, 2019


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Focused Approach to Safety provides resources to address the Nation’s most critical safety challenges by targeting areas with the greatest potential to reduce roadway fatalities. In this webinar, the “Intersections” and “Pedestrian/Bicycle” Focus Areas will collaborate to explore some safety considerations of nonmotorized users at intersections. Webinar topics include intuitive intersection design in Pittsburgh, multimodal intersection applications in New York City, and an update on NCHRP 7-25: Guide for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety at Alternative Intersections and Interchanges.

After the presentations, panelists will respond to questions from webinar attendees.

This webinar will be delivered by VHB and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center through a contract to provide training and technical assistance to the FHWA-designated Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Focus States and Cities.



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