Quick Build Networks for All (Part II)

May 20, 2020


Cities across the US are planning and prioritizing low-stress networks that support bicycling and walking, working to integrate active travel into their transportation system. This two-part webinar series will profile the experiences of several cities – Houston, Minneapolis, and San Jose – as they start turning their plans into action. Using rapid deployment and quick-build techniques, these cities are delivering multimodal facilities to support safety and comfort and broader community goals. Learn about their experiences with managing community engagement and maintenance, integrating equity, universal design, and micromobility, and considering a host of other factors into their design decisions. Cities will share examples of their projects and lessons learned before taking questions from the audience.

During Part II of this series, we will review quick build network principles and share case studies from San Jose, CA, and Minneapolis, MN.

Learn more about Part I of this webinar series.



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