STEP UP Campaign for Pedestrian Safety

May 27, 2020


FHWA’s Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) is a recognized program among many states, having produced valuable resources and providing technical assistance on proven countermeasures for pedestrian safety. However, pedestrian fatalities continue to rise, challenging state and local agencies to be more assertive. FHWA is encouraging agencies to “STEP UP” in Summer 2020 through a multimedia campaign marketing the STEP countermeasures. The STEP campaign will focus on three key safety areas: pedestrian fatalities in dark or low light conditions, at non-intersection locations, and among older pedestrians. This brief webinar will introduce the safety areas, supporting countermeasures, and the campaign program. FHWA representatives will be joined by staff from the MaineDOT to explain the importance of focusing on improving pedestrian safety at crossings. Please join us to learn how you can STEP UP for improving pedestrian safety!

This webinar is supported by FHWA's Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) program which promotes proven, cost-effective countermeasures to improve pedestrian safety.



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