More Transit Examples

"Cross Safely Drive Safely"

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
In order to prevent future pedestrian injuries at the University of Massachusetts, the UMass Police and UMassSAFE partnership worked together to develop and implement the "Cross Safely Drive Safely&
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Understanding How the Built Environment Around TTA Stops Affects Ridership

Source: Department of City and Regional Planning, UNC-Chapel Hill
"This study determines the characteristics of urban development that related to Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) bus ridership levels in the Triangle region of North Carolina."
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Conserve by Bicycle Program Study

Source: Florida Department of Transportation
This study was requested by the 2005 Legislature to identify ways increased use of bicycles could be promoted to save energy and achieve health benefits.
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Smart Bikes: Public Transportation for the 21st Century

Source: City of Alexandria, Virginia
This paper explains the Public-Use Bicycle (PUB) concept, examines a PUB, and discusses the present and planned applications of the Smart Bike.
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Reevaluating The Role Of Highway Expansion For Improving Urban Transportation

Source: Victoria Transport Policy Institute
This report investigates claims that highway capacity expansion is a cost effective and desirable solution to urban traffic congestion problems.
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Roundabouts: An Informational Guide

Source: Turner Fairbank Highway Safety Research Center
The guidance supplied in this document is based on established U.S. and international practices and is supplemented by recent research.
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Bicycle & Pedestrian Technical Summary

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
This document summarizes the changes made by the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21).
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Transportation-Related Land Use Strategies to Minimize Motor Vehicle Emissions

Source: California Air Resources Board
The report suggests community-level performance goals that can reasonably be attained in urban, suburban and rural/exurban communities by implementing packages of transportation-related land use strategies in coordination with a multimodal transportation system.
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Building Livable Communities with Transit

Source: Federal Transit Administration
This booklet presents some of the successes - in terms of planning, development, and implementation - of the community-sensitive transportation facility development process.
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Bicycles and Transit

Source: Federal Transit Administration
This FTA brochure describes how transit agencies around the country are building the connections between bicycles and transit, and how Federal transportation programs may be used to support more of these efforts.
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