More Transit Resources

Resources for State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinators

Offers information and resources for State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinators.
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Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in Bus Rapid Transit and High-Priority Bus Corridors

Source: TCRP Synthesis, NASEM
Explores pedestrian and bike safety in areas that implemented Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).
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Measuring Access to Opportunities to Advance Equity

Source: Conveyal
Describes a tool to quantify access to opportunities and progress toward equitable transportation systems, particularly public transit and active modes of transportation.
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Recommendations for Better Rural Transportation

Source: Transportation for America
Describes six policy recommendations from a report on ways to make transportation services better for rural communities.
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Guidance to Create Separated Bike Lanes

Source: Center for Transportation Studies
Provides four “tradeoff matrixes” for creating separated bike lanes based on interviews with planners and designers, transit drivers, leaders of bicycle advocacy organizations, and bicyclists.
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Transit and Micromobility

Source: TRB Transit Cooperative Research Program
Provides an analysis of the full benefits and impacts of micromobility on public transportation systems in transit-rich markets as well as in medium-sized and smaller urban areas.
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Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in Bus Rapid Transit and High-Priority Bus Corridors

Source: Transit Cooperative Research Program
Examines the state of practice in bus transit corridor planning, design, and construction in relation to pedestrian and bicyclist safety, public health, and equity, with a focus on dedicated bus lanes.
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Book: New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies by Todd Litman

Source: Island Press
Examines and evaluates 12 emerging transportation modes and services, including: bike and carsharing, micromobilities, ridehailing and microtransit, public transit innovations, telework, autonomous and electric vehicles,
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Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) Announcement

Announces anticipation of adoption of PROWAG to update and expand the existing 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act guidance.
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Bicycle Sharing Programs in Relation to Urban Transit

Source: Case Studies on Transport Policy
Studies the extent to which a bicycle sharing program is used in combination with urban transit or as a self-standing mode in The Hague, Netherlands.
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