More Transit Resources

Measuring Access to Opportunities to Advance Equity

Source: Conveyal
Describes a tool to quantify access to opportunities and progress toward equitable transportation systems, particularly public transit and active modes of transportation. Its routing software is published under a permissive open-
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Innovations in Transportation Equity for Latino Communities: Voices for Healthy Kids Grant Summary Report

Source: Salud America
Recommends bringing Latinos and Latino issues into transportation and planning conversations and ways to move toward transportation equity.
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Understanding and Tackling Micromobility: Transportation’s New Disruptor

Source: Governors' Highway Safety Association
Explores six micromobility challenges – oversight, funding, data collection, enforcement, infrastructure, and education – and the role State Highway Safety Offices and their partners can play to help address them.
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Boosting Active Transportation Through Regional Planning

Source: Safe Routes Partnership
Describes crucial opportunities to influence a region’s long-term commitment to active transportation and transit via the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) planning process, and how to ensure that funding goes to specific biking,
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Generating and Prioritizing Funding for Active Transportation

Source: Safe Routes Partnership
Provides success stories, best practices, and resources to secure sustainable regional funding for active transportation and transit.
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Micromobility Fact Sheet

Source: FWHA
Provides an overview of shared micromobility devices (bicycles, scooters, e-bikes, and e-scooters) and planning considerations across six topic areas.
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Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery - Photo Library

Source: NACTO
Announces a photo library documenting actions cities and transit agencies are taking to support public health and wellness.
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Public Transit and Shared Mobility COVID-19 Recovery: Policy Recommendations and Research Needs

Source: University of California Berkeley
Considers the impacts of the pandemic on public transit and shared mobility services, and the resulting loss of mobility for those who depend on these modes.
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Measuring Accessibility: Guidance for Practitioners

Source: State Smart Transportation Initiative
Demonstrates ways to apply accessibility metrics to decisions, such as transportation project selection and land use suitability analysis.
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Guidebook and Research Plan to Help Communities Improve Transportation to Health Care Services

Source: TRB Transit Cooperative
Details how to initiate a dialogue between transportation and health care providers and implementing transportation solutions appropriate for patients.
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