ActiveTrans Priority Tool

The "ActiveTrans Priority Tool (APT)" is a step-by-step methodology for prioritizing improvements to pedestrian and bicycle facilities, either separately or together as part of a "complete streets" evaluation approach. The methodology is flexible, allowing the user to assign goals and values that reflect those of the agency and the community. It is also transparent, breaking down the process into a series of discrete steps that can be easily documented and communicated to the public.

While users are encouraged to read through the entire Guidebook before implementing the methodology, individual sections are provided below to allow information to be accessed more easily:

ActiveTrans Priority Tool Overview

This section provides an overview of how the ActiveTrans Priority Tool may be used, key terms, and a brief description of the two phases of the methodology.

ActiveTrans Priority Tool Phase I: Scoping

The goals of Phase I are to define the purpose of the prioritization effort, determine how community/agency values should be expressed through factor selection and weighting, and select variables to represent the chosen factors, while taking into account data availability and technical resources.

ActiveTrans Priority Tool Phase II: Prioritization

The goal of Phase II is to apply a prioritization framework that incorporates selected factors and variables and accomplishes the purpose identified in Phase I. The first step of Phase II (Step 7: Set Up Prioritization Tool) may be readily accomplished by using the spreadsheet tool that accompanies this Guidebook.

Appendix A - Programmed Spreadsheet User Guide

This appendix explains how to use the programmed spreadsheet, which is built around the APT methodology. The programmed spreadsheet is intended to facilitate prioritization based on the APT methodology; however, the APT can be implemented independently of the programmed spreadsheet using a variety of technological tools. A screencast that provides instructions and tips for using the programmed spreadsheet is also available.

Appendix B - Guidance for Utilizing GIS with the ActiveTrans Priority Tool

This appendix explains how GIS can be used to complement the APT and some of the key considerations.

Appendix C - Existing Condition and Demand Variable References

This appendix summarizes sources for the existing condition and demand variables presented in the APT. Download PDF

Appendix D - Guidebook References and Resources

Download PDF

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