More Bike Share Webinars

Pursuing Equity in Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

Presented by: Shari Schaftlein, Federal Highway Administration; Joyce Newland, FHWA Indiana Division Office; Emily Sinkhorn, Natural Resources Services; Cara Ferrentino, City of Philadelphia; Carniesha Kwashie, City of Philadelphia

Measuring the Economic Impact of Nonmotorized Transportation

Presented by: Erica Simmons, Volpe Transportation Systems Center; Sean Quinn, NYCDOT; Greg Lindsey, University of Minnesota

Bike Sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation

Presented by: Josh Moskowitz, Capital Bikeshare Project Manager; Julia Diana, manager of the San Antonio Bikes Program; R.J. Eldridge, Director of Planning for Toole Design Group; Mauricio Hernandez, Transportation Planner with Toole Design Group