More Complete Streets Webinars

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning, Program, and Project Development Guidance

Presented by: Danielle Blackshear, Transportation Specialist, FHWA Office of Human Environment; Darren Buck, Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Coordinator, FHWA Office of Human Environment; Christopher Douwes, Community Planner, FHWA Office of Human Environment; Bernadette Dupont, Transportation Specialist FHWA Office of Human Environment; Mack Frost, Transportation Specialist, Oversight and Stewardship Team, FHWA Office of Planning; Elizabeth Hilton, Geometric Design Program Manager, Office of Preconstruction, Construction and Pavements, FHWA Office of Infrastructure; Barbara McCann, Senior Advisor to the Associate Administrator for Safety, Federal Highway Administration; Shari Schaftlein, Director, FHWA Office of Human Environment; David Cohen, Environmental Protection Specialist, FHWA Office of Project Development and Environmental Review;

Building a Foundation for Safety Through Complete Streets: Moving from Policy to Implementation

Presented by: Joe Furstenburg and Ryan Brumfield, North Carolina Department of Transportation: Applying a Complete Streets Project Evaluation Methodology process in evaluating highway projects for multimodal elements; Jamie F. Chriqui, PhD, MHS, University of Illinois Chicago: Using Complete Streets projects as an opportunity for data collection and evaluation, with an emphasis on using public health and equity indices for project prioritization; Dave Petrucci, FHWA: Incorporating Data-Driven Safety Analysis to build an analytical foundation for Complete Streets

MPO and DOT Partnership for Complete Streets Projects

Presented by: Ricardo Gutierrez, Broward MPO; Brad Salisbury, Florida Department of Transportation; Stephanie Garcia, Broward MPO

A Resident's Guide for Creating Safer Communities for Walking and Biking

Presented by: Tamara Redmon, FHWA; Laura Sandt, PBIC; Eva Garcia, City of Brownsville, Texas; Ramiro Gonzalez, City of Brownsville, Texas; John Paul Shaffer, Livable Memphis

Statewide Complete Streets: How states are working with communities for friendlier roads

Presented by: Stefanie Seskin, Deputy Director for the National Complete Streets Coalition; Lauren Blackburn, North Carolina DOT Ped/Bike Coordinator; Paula Reeves, Washington State DOT Community Design Office Manager; Chris Berrens, Senior Planner with Minnesota DOT