Getting from Vision Zero Plan to Vision Zero Progress

Apr 18, 2017


More and more communities are committing to Vision Zero policies and developing plans that call for eliminating traffic fatalities. These ambitious programs can encounter barriers along the path from finalizing a plan to fully implementing it. Hear from representatives of two cities — New York City and San Francisco — about their approaches for overcoming challenges and implementation success stories. Rob Viola (New York City Department of Transportation) and Luis Montoya (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency) will talk about the importance of collaboration, building a plan, and setting yourself up for success.

Community groups and advocacy organizations that hold cities accountable can also play a big role in keeping a plan moving. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways plays an active role in engaging with Seattle’s Vision Zero program. Cathy Tuttle will describe her organization’s role in the city’s adoption of a 20 mph speed limit and talk about what they'll be working on next.



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