More Transit Examples

Recommendations for Better Rural Transportation

Source: Transportation for America
Describes six policy recommendations from a report on ways to make transportation services better for rural communities.
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Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) Announcement

Announces anticipation of adoption of PROWAG to update and expand the existing 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act guidance.
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Bicycle Sharing Programs in Relation to Urban Transit

Source: Case Studies on Transport Policy
Studies the extent to which a bicycle sharing program is used in combination with urban transit or as a self-standing mode in The Hague, Netherlands.
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The Impact of Quick and Creative Street Projects in Massachusetts

Source: Barr Foundation, The Lawrence & Lillian Solomon Foundation
Describes innovative, rapid response pedestrian, bicycle, transit and public space projects built across Massachusetts in response to the pandemic and their impacts.
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Montgomery County, MD: Increasing Equitable Transit Access by Improving Walkability

Source: Brookings
Describes efforts to study and tackle pedestrian access as a fundamental equity issue across communities that a new rail line will serve.
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State Geometric Design Procedures for Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (RRR) Projects Memo

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Offers information for FHWA Divisions when they evaluate RRR procedures proposed by States, suggesting they look for procedures and considerations that would help expand multimodal networks.
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Measuring Access to Opportunities to Advance Equity

Source: Conveyal
Describes a tool to quantify access to opportunities and progress toward equitable transportation systems, particularly public transit and active modes of transportation. Its routing software is published under a permissive open-
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Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery - Photo Library

Source: NACTO
Announces a photo library documenting actions cities and transit agencies are taking to support public health and wellness.
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The Role of Transit, Shared Modes, and Public Policy in the New Mobility Landscape

Source: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Transportation Research Board
Reports that shared modes of transportation, such as ride-hailing and scooter and bike sharing, can enhance mobility, equity, and sustainability in metropolitan areas.
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Advancing research in transportation and public health: A selection of twenty project ideas from a U.S. research roadmap

Source: Journal of Transport & Health
Builds on advancing research in transportation and public health by highlighting 20 priority research needs from the NCHRP Research Roadmap for Transportation and Public Health.
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