More Equity Webinars

Advancing Trails to Support Multimodal Networks and Resilient Infrastructure

Presented by: Christopher Douwes, FHWA; Dan Gelinne, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Jeff Ciabotti, Toole Design;

Sidewalk Inventories: A Tool for Equity and ADA Compliance

Presented by: Louise Lockett, America Walks Board Member; Katherine (Kate) Kraft, Independent Consultant; Andrew Dannenberg, University of Washington School of Public Health; Aaron Cahen, Independent Consultant; Mark Hallenbeck, University of Washington; Colin Alexander, City of Birmingham, Alabama;

Improving Safety for Pedestrians and Bicyclists Accessing Transit Guide

Presented by: Tamara Redmon, FHWA; Elissa Goughnour, VHB; Glen Bolen, Oregon DOT; Darcy Cleaver, Pittsburgh Regional Transit; Craig Toocheck, Pittsburgh Regional Transit; Paige Anderson, City of Pittsburgh;

Child and youth pedestrian crashes deserve another look: Why and how to do it

Presented by: Nancy Pullen-Seufert, PBIC/National Center for Safe Routes to School; Diane Lambert, Toole Design Group; Lily Reynolds, City of Philadelphia Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability

Student Research to Advance Mobility Justice

Presented by: Charles T. Brown, Founder and Principal, Equitable Cities; Sarah Brown, Transportation Analyst, Kittelson and Associates (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Class of 2021); Adrian Ayala, McMahon Associates (Rutgers University, Class of 2021)

Pedestrian Safety on Arterial Streets

Presented by: Dan Goodman, Toole Design; Thomas Hillman, Toole Design; Dr. Carey McAndrews, University of Wisconsin

Quick Build Networks for All (Part II)

Presented by: Alia Anderson, Toole Design; John Brazil, City of San Jose; Peter Bennett, City of San Jose; Matthew Dyrdahl, City of Minneapolis

Quick Build Networks for All (Part I)

Presented by: Alia Anderson, Toole Design; Amar Mohite, Director of Planning and Infrastructure for Precinct One, Harris County, TX

Pursuing Equity in Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

Presented by: Shari Schaftlein, Federal Highway Administration; Joyce Newland, FHWA Indiana Division Office; Emily Sinkhorn, Natural Resources Services; Cara Ferrentino, City of Philadelphia; Carniesha Kwashie, City of Philadelphia

Transportation Equity: Issues and Approaches to Reduce Disparities in Access to Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities and Programs

Presented by: Tab Combs, Institute of the Environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Dana Dickman, Alta Planning and Design; Keith Holt, United Cycling Voices.