More Design and Engineering Guidance Resources

Automatic Traffic Monitoring and Management for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Source: Mineta Transportation Institute
Describes an effective end-to-end system based on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and computer vision to automatically monitor, detect, track, and count pedestrians and bicyclists using existing traffic cameras.
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Driving Down Emissions

Source: Smart Growth America
Explores how land-use and transportation decisions are inextricably connected, and unpacks five strategies that can make a significant dent in the growth of emissions while building a more just and equitable society,
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Influencing Complete Streets Policies at the Regional Level

Source: Safe Routes Partnership
Outlines success stories, best practices, and resources to plan, fund, and build safer, more convenient streets for biking and walking through Complete Streets policies.
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Personal Delivery Devices (PDDs) Legislative Tracker (Version 1.0)

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
Provides up-to-date State Legislative Bill information about Personal Delivery Devices (PDDs) and PDD characteristics and operations included within these bills.
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"Understanding Crashes and Safe Behaviors to Help Prevent Them" Video Series

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
Portrays situations that lead to a crash between a driver and a pedestrian or bicyclist. The videos show the crash from each road user visual perspective, and offers behavioral tips for avoiding the crash.
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Bicycle Facility Implementation

Source: MN DOT
Demystifies common questions about appropriate facility selection and design to help practitioners confidently implement low-stress bicycle transportation networks.
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Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity

Source: International Society for Physical Activity and Health
This ISPAH document provides an overview of best evidence which can be used to advocate, inform and lead physical activity policy and discussion.
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Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery - Photo Library

Source: NACTO
Announces a photo library documenting actions cities and transit agencies are taking to support public health and wellness.
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Inclusive Planning in Tribal Communities: Engaging People With Disabilities in Designing Safe and Accessible Transportation Systems

Source: America Walks
Presents research and key findings around tribal culture, existing infrastructure for walking and rolling, and the legal applicability of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Why dockless bikes are the symbol of our future cities

Source: World Economic Forum
Describes how dockless bike share can bring a myriad of health, climate, and economic benefits, and reshape urban mobility and give people a more resilient, effective way to travel.
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