More Performance Measurement Webinars

Evaluating Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Improvements

Presented by: Elliott Moore, FHWA; Stephen Read, Virginia DOT; Mark Cole, Virginia DOT; Brian Liang, San Francisco MTA

Building a Foundation for Safety Through Complete Streets: Moving from Policy to Implementation

Presented by: Joe Furstenburg and Ryan Brumfield, North Carolina Department of Transportation: Applying a Complete Streets Project Evaluation Methodology process in evaluating highway projects for multimodal elements; Jamie F. Chriqui, PhD, MHS, University of Illinois Chicago: Using Complete Streets projects as an opportunity for data collection and evaluation, with an emphasis on using public health and equity indices for project prioritization; Dave Petrucci, FHWA: Incorporating Data-Driven Safety Analysis to build an analytical foundation for Complete Streets

Funding and Evaluating Systemic Safety Improvements for Pedestrians

Presented by: Karen Scurry, Federal Highway Administration; Elissa Goughnour, VHB; Tracy Turpin, Virginia Department of Transportation

Proactively Addressing Crash Risk with Systemic Safety Analysis

Presented by: Chris Svolopoulos, Seattle Department of Transportation; Rebecca Sanders, Toole Design Group; Offer Grembek, Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC), University of California - Berkeley; Rachel Carpenter, Caltrans; Rodney Brown, Fehr & Peers

Bicycle Signals

Presented by: Dave Kirschner; Peter Koonce; Rock Miller

Determining the Safety Impacts of Bicycling and Walking Investments

Presented by: Daniel Carter, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Raghavan Srinivasan, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Krista Nordback, UNC Highway Safety Research Center

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Data – Part 1: Programs, Data, and Metrics

Presented by: Krista Nordback, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Scott Brady, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission; Jeremy Raw, Federal Highway Administration; Kelly Laustsen, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.

Improving Multimodal Outcomes through Performance Measurement and Design Flexibility

Presented by: Dan Goodman, Federal Highway Administration; Carl Sundstrom, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Conor Semler, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.; Michelle Danila, Toole Design Group

Bike Sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation

Presented by: Josh Moskowitz, Capital Bikeshare Project Manager; Julia Diana, manager of the San Antonio Bikes Program; R.J. Eldridge, Director of Planning for Toole Design Group; Mauricio Hernandez, Transportation Planner with Toole Design Group