More Performance Measurement Resources

An Evaluation of Red Shoulders as a Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility

Source: Highway Safety Research Center, Florida Department of Transportation
This study evaluates the effectiveness of red shoulder treatment on one neighborhood road in Lake County, Florida.
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Evaluation of Pedestrian Data Needs and Collection Efforts

Source: Transportation Research Board, University of Utah Department of Environmental Engineering
This paper discusses the extent to which pedestrian demand, behavior, and facilities data can assist in the study of pedestrian safety issues, reviews data collection strategies, suggests some data collection improvements,
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Ultra-Violet Headlamp Technology for Nighttime Enhancement of Fluorescent Roadway Delineation and Pedestrian Visibility

Source: Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, Center for Applied Research, Federal Highway Administration
This study reports on the the first extensive field evaluation of the pedestrian safety benefits provided by UV headlamps.
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Passive Pedestrian Detection at Unsignalized Crossings

Source: Oregon State University, DKS Associates, Federal Highway Administration
This report discusses a project conducted by the City of Portland to evaluate available sensor technologies for passive pedestrian detection, thedesign of a crossing to utilize these sensor technologies,
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A User Manual for Pedestrian Safety Programs

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
This User Manual is designed to guide community advocates through the process of building a communitywide pedestrian safety program.
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Evaluation of Shared-Use Facilities for Bicycles and Motor Vehicles

Source: Highway Safety Research Center, Federal Highway Administration
The objective of this study was to evaluate the safety and utility of shared-use facilities in order to provide engineers and planners comprehensive results that can be used in planning and designing roadways to be shared by motorists and bicyclists.
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Evaluation of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Source: Texas Transportation Institute, Federal Highway Administration
This report describes research conducted to evaluate bicycle and pedestrian facilities (i.e. shared use trails) with user satisfaction and perception surveys.
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Guide for Curing of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

Source: Federal Highway Administration
This document provides guidance on details of concrete curing practice as they pertain to construction of portland cement concrete pavements.
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Shared-Use Path Level of Service Calculator

Source: Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, Federal Highway Administration
The purpose of this project was to develop a level of service (LOS) estimation method for shared-use paths that overcomes previous limitations.
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Main Street Project

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
University professor who is also a local citizen, fosters a community main street project in Trumansburg to recapture the pedestrian-friendly environment of the downtown area.
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